Arguments are prevalent among the healthiest of families. Its members may have different opinions, beliefs, or expectations, generating conflict. Disputes between parents and children are also common.

Arguments may revolve around rules, sibling rivalry, misunderstandings, resentments, and more. At Healthy Connections, we believe that an average amount of family conflict is beneficial. It creates space for assertiveness, a healthy way of communication where family members express their needs and opinions, get on the same page, agree to disagree, or where children clarify beliefs and values.

However, if conflicts are excessive, out of control, full of disrespect, name-calling, yelling, or backtalk, and a solution is nowhere near, we recommend you consult with us. There may be underlying causes generating frustration, anger, and miscommunication.

You want to keep the negative impact of arguments to a minimum. In families where disputes run rampant, with a high degree of conflict and anger, children are at a greater risk of social, interpersonal, and behavioral problems. They may also demonstrate academic underachievement.

At Healthy Connections, we give you the tools for conflict resolution by focusing on what unites you and your family. We provide tools for both parents and children, recognizing that as the child develops, there is a parallel process where parents must also grow in parenting skills.

Learning conflict-resolution skills will result in the healthy role modeling essential for your child’s mental wellness. Healthy, happy parents lead to healthy, happy children.

Family arguments can decrease to healthy levels through the practice of Triumph Steps, a curriculum composed of simple steps leading to the exercise of personal responsibility and personal growth.

We at Healthy Connections believe that parents are instrumental in the family’s wellbeing. So the earlier you equip your family with tools to increase harmony, the sooner you create the family you can’t wait to be around.

Triumph Steps is a proven program that helps your child understand their true self and the connection between thoughts and emotions. This understanding gives children self-ownership to develop healthy communication and interpersonal relationships that lead them to happiness and peace.

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Triumph Steps® is a systematic, consistent, and simple emotional literacy program that teaches children and parents alike the lasting benefits of emotional mastery.

This program gives children the tools they need to establish healthy mental habits for life. Triumph Steps® easy-to-use audio program stimulates Alpha brain waves with calming music and engaging verbal direction. Children love it and even ask for it.

All you do is set aside 12 minutes per day. The easy-to-use audio program and visual aids will do the rest.