Affirmations and recognizing our true selves are core practices at Healthy Connections Community Mental Health Center (CMHC). Clients seeking services at the center often come in with negative views of themselves. Think about the last time you engaged in negative self-talk whether it comes in disguise as humor in conversations or automatic responses.

How often does it happen? Why do you have to do it? Why is it easier to cheer someone else up than to cheer yourself up? The more you engage in negative self-talk, the more you limit your ability to believe in yourself.

What is your “favorite” go-to negative self-talk? Is it- “I don’t think I’m capable of doing that.”

It is possible to encourage our children and ourselves to change erroneous thought patterns and go from, “I’m not good enough” or “I can’t do it” to something more inspiring and positive like, “I am talented. I am creative. I am worthy and unique?”

What do you think about this saying, “I can because I think I can?” Affirmations involve positive thinking and self-empowerment that challenge your negative thinking patterns.

Clinicians at Healthy Connections CMHC help clients identify their negative self-dialogue and invite clients to practice substituting their negative self-dialogue for positive self-affirmations.

Explore your positive qualities, talents, and virtues. Look at yourself in a positive light. Write down those positive affirmations and say them often. To make it more effective, you should practice positive affirmations daily, especially first thing in the morning.

Practice utilizing positive affirmations until it goes to your subconscious mind, to the point that you become confident about your true self – your capable and unique self.


Start each positive affirmation statement with, “I am.” Contemplate your goals for a second. Ensure that your positive affirmations reflect what you want to accomplish, e.g., success, confidence, health, peace, and love.

“I am creative.”

“I am worthy of all good things in life.”

“I am what I desire to be.”

“I am kind.”

“I am unlimited energy.”

“I am courageous.”

Not sure where to start, do not worry. We offer affirmation audios via our Triumph Steps online program. Contact us for more details at (305) 646-0112.

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This effortless technique your children can use in the comfort of your own home will teach them to stay in touch with their true self, discover their own talents, and build the life they deserve. Your children will overcome limiting thoughts, fears, and anxieties, and develop the correct thought patterns from early on to avoid self-defeating behaviors in the future.

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