The beginning of sibling rivalry often starts with the birth of a second child. It is the experience of jealousy and competition between siblings.

Parents complain about the ongoing fighting and conflict their children display with each other, which can often be a source of high frustration, stress, and parental dissatisfaction.

Children may display rivalry inappropriately competing for parental attention due to an immature developmental stage and fight attempting recognition of unique talents and virtues. Or if they perceive unfairness in the family. Your child may verbalize the typical expression, “You love my brother more than me.”

Fortunately, most siblings outgrow their rivalry and end up with very close relationships in adulthood, but how parents manage their conflicts does play a role in the successful passage of this typical stage.

At Healthy Connections, we guide families and promote the practice of conflict resolution, communication skills, anger management, and more.

The Parent Enrichment Sessions and the Parent-Child Coaching will help you through the many new decisions and actions you must take as a parent.

For example, how to enforce limits effectively and empathically. Our sessions will help ease your fears and frustrations and give you the necessary skill set to create the family you can’t wait to be around! Contact us for further information.


Triumph Steps® is a systematic, consistent, and simple emotional literacy program that teaches children and parents alike the lasting benefits of emotional mastery.

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