Visualizations and Guided Imagery

Benefits of visualizations and guided imagery techniques involve creating positive mental images of yourself in a specific state.

Visualizations or mental rehearsal and guided imagery practices aim at:

  • reducing stress
  • creating positive changes
  • promoting relaxation
  • decreasing anxiety and depression feelings and symptoms.

Mental rehearsal helps create successful goal-related self-images by practicing a mental walk-through of how you could reach your goal.

Examples include imagining yourself being a more patient and loving parent, speaking confidently in front of an audience, making wiser choices to be healthier and more fit.

Step-by-Step Visualization Technique for Beginners 

Step#1: Write down challenges that you wish to overcome and/or goals you want to accomplish, for example: being more present and loving to your child and family, being confident in an upcoming performance, or reducing stress.

Step#2: List places that promote relaxation and a sense of serenity. This is not a time to be realistic. Let your imagination go wild. You can imagine yourself in the wilderness, in a galaxy, up in the clouds, deep in the ocean, or in a cave. You name it. It is up to you to decide where those unique places would be. I heard an adult client chose to visualize herself riding a horse, feeling the wind brushing through her face, and a young client imagining herself being inside of rainbows.

Step#3: Create a detailed positive mental image of yourself accomplishing tasks or goals set in Step#1.

Step#4: Once you have everything ready, be in a quiet spot, turn on relaxing background music (optional), take a few deep breaths, and start visualizing!

Remember to practice it daily, if possible, after you wake up and before going to sleep.


  • Look up images online for some inspiration if you get stuck.
  • Draw or sketch your special space to help you visualize it.
  • Record your voice guiding you through the visualization process and breathing exercise to use it daily.
  • Por a first-timer who finds it challenging to practice visualization, you could try our Triumph Steps’ guided imagery video on YouTube at Visualization for Mental Fitness.
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