This is an invitation to a higher level of parenting.
It’s all at your reach.

We are expanding to reach families nationwide to help them create the positive, nurturing, and powerful legacy they envision for their family and children.

Our Services

School-Based therapy

Healthy Connections has been awarded a contract with Miami-Dade County Public Schools to provide psychotherapeutic services to children and families at home and at school sites.


After-School Emotional Literacy Progam

This program teaches children and teens emotional literacy. Parental coaching is included. This twelve-week after school program offers lessons to help children:

  • Manage their emotions by understanding the thought-body connection
  • Remain in touch with their true self
  • Identify their gifts and talents
  • Create goals and learn how to achieve them
  • Choose friends that will be a positive influence in their lives



A mental health evaluation is provided to determine the appropriate level of care. This evaluation is conducted by a member of our team of professionals.


Psychiatric Evaluations

Psychiatric evaluations provided by a Board Certified Psychiatrist.


Outpatient Counseling For Children, Adolescents, And Adults

This program includes individual, group, and family therapy. A good candidate for this program is someone experiencing depression, anxiety, stress, parenting challenges, trauma, or difficulty managing a major event in their lives. Our clinicians work with cognitive-behavioral techniques and Triumph Steps®, an Eight Step Therapeutic Framework. As a result, clients accomplish their treatment goals in a shorter amount of time compared to those being treated with other psychotherapeutic modalities.


Targeted Case Management

This program serves children and adults with psychiatric conditions. A good candidate for this program is one who needs access to medical, social, educational, and other services. Our certified case management team links, coordinates services, and advocates for individuals with transportation, housing, vocational, medical, financial needs, and much more.


24-hour Crisis Intervention

24-Hour Crisis Hotline 305-646-0112


Parent/Child Coaching

An inspired parent has the power to change the world. Come learn from our panel of experts on how to decrease:

Parent Enrichment Sessions

The last year has brought on many new challenges to parents and their children. Self-assessing is a starting point to determine what the “new normal” has brought into the lives of your children and your relationship with your spouse.

  • Have you taken a close look at yourself first?
  • Are you losing patience easily?
  • Are you bringing in your own unfinished business into your most sacred relationships?
  • Are you letting your fears destroy your parent-child relationship?
  • Are you repeating mistakes you saw when growing up?
  • Have you forgotten to closely monitor your children’s social media?
  • Do you know what your children are watching on Netflix or on any other platform?
  • Have you paid attention to how you and your wife or husband talk to each other?
  • Are you paying attention to your children when they talk to you or are you mindlessly scrolling through your own social media and electronics?
  • Are you aware of the latest turmoil children are manifesting at an unprecedented rate?
  • Are you debating whether or not to send your children back to school?
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Coaching Techniques

We offer a broad range of coaching techniques to help develop the happy, healthy family you strive to live with.  The techniques include:

Triumph Steps® - Become the parent you wish to be and create the legacy you want to leave behind.

Since we committed to the Triumph Step program, the fighting has stopped!”

Triumph Steps® is a systematic, consistent, and simple emotional literacy program that teaches children and parents alike the lasting benefits of emotional mastery.

This program gives children the tools they need to establish healthy mental habits for life. Triumph Steps® easy-to-use audio program stimulates Alpha brain waves with calming music and engaging verbal direction. Children love it and even ask for it.

All you do is set aside 12 minutes per day. The easy-to-use audio program and visual aids will do the rest.