Technology is here to stay and, fortunately, part of the very fabric of our present culture.

Computers, tablets, phones, and other gadgets are necessary for communication, learning, and entertainment. However, excessive screen time and overusing these devices may lead to multiple problems, ranging from behavioral addictions and poor interpersonal relationships to lower test scores and personal safety issues.

The research indicates living excessively in a virtual world adversely affects the optimal physical and emotional development of children and adolescents.

Studies have shown that screen dependency correlates with not only emotional difficulties but can even cause alteration of the brain. In some cases, anomalies include shrinking and losing tissue in the frontal lobe. This part of the brain is critical in skills related to planning, organization, control of impulses, and even the expression of kindness and compassion.

Concerning symptoms worthy of immediate attention on the part of parents and caregivers may include the following:

• A child or a teen who has little or no outside interests
• Ignores time limits imposed by you regarding screen time
• Disregards the rules and the negative consequences.
• Hides from caregivers to break the limits
• Lies about overuse of screen time
• Spends excessive time playing video games or surfing the internet.
• Is aggressive
• Socializes with strangers on the internet
• Is anxious
• Is depressed
• Is withdrawn
• Has no friends
• Refuses to participate in family events
• Verbalizes headaches
• Verbalizes neck pain
• Vision problems
• Weight gain.
• Sleeping problems

At Healthy Connections, we assist children and teens with screen dependency by identifying possible underlying causes of addictions. Our treatment includes promoting positive social interaction with family and friends, limiting screen time, encouraging and assisting with the identification of their personal goals, and more.

Our mental health clinicians and Triumph Steps Transformational Coaches will partner with your family to take the steps conducive to well-being and happiness.

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